Hi I’m Naomi Bulger.

I’m a writer, an illustrator and a mother, and I'm available for commissions from media, business and private clients on both writing and illustrating (not so much the parenting).

I'm on a journey to live my life with more simplicity, greater creativity and deliberate kindness. Every day with that goal in mind is a work in progress and, if you like, you can join me as I learn and make mistakes and seek inspiration on my blog.

The back-story

In 2008 I moved from Sydney, Australia, to New York, to find adventure. When I got there, I also found love. 

So now I have returned to Australia and live in Melbourne with a man who makes me laugh every day, our two beautiful and exhausting children (who I call Scout and Ralph online, to give them some privacy), and the world’s fattest rescue cat.

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I am available for commissions on illustrations and feature writing. I'd love to work with you. 

I’m also a big fan of mail. Want to send me some?

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I'm always on the lookout for creative, quirky and unique artists, photographers, writers, designers, film-makers, shops and projects to feature on my blog. Please don’t hesitate to tell me what you’re doing. 


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A little note about sponsorships and editorial policy and that sort of stuff...

From time to time I am approached by PR folks as well as entrepreneurial creative folks (go you!) to write about their products or services in return for some kind of kick-back.

I rarely accept these offers but, when I do, my policy on this is pretty simple: if I like it, I will write about it. If I don’t, I won’t. So you won’t get a negative review from me, but you cannot buy my good opinion with gifts or money. Any gift I accept from you will be made clear in the post I write.


Newstalk ZB "Total Recall"


Radio hosts Sam Bloore and Jax van Buuren took on the theme of the "lost art" of letter writing, inspired by the rapid rise and fall of the Pony Express in 1860-61. At the time, a 12-day time-frame to deliver a letter from New York to San Francisco was revolutionary, and required a small army of horses and riders to race through day and night. Then after less than two years, the invention of the telegram made them obsolete. From this, Sam and Jax explored the idea of writing letters these days, and interviewed me about what we might still have to gain from keeping this practise alive. 

Good magazine NZ

Penned with love

"Handwritten letters have the power to become, over time, the blueprints of a person. Reading a letter from your childhood is like uncovering the architect’s plans for your now century-old house. You shake off the dust, carefully smooth the creases from the fragile paper, and as you read you can recreate, in your mind, the beginning. Likewise, rereading a letter from someone loved and lost can bring a piece of them back to life, knitting their thoughts, joys, hopes and challenges into flesh and bone with every silly story told, with every characteristic flourish of the letter ‘r’, or each ‘i’ dotted with a heart." (From Good Magazine NZ)

Do-crafts blog

Meet the snail mail expert

"Those of you who have tucked into our jam-packed postal issue of Creativity magazine may have spied our delightful blog of the month, Naomi Loves. The inspirational site is run by Naomi Bulger, in amongst her busy life as a journalist, author, illustrator and mother. With a novella about snail mail under her sleeve, a plethora of beautiful mail art on her blog, and an upcoming book about the snail mail revolution, her passion for post is evident. We sat down to discuss crazy ides and writing letters..."

Oh Mabel Blog

The beauty of letter-writing


"Naomi's special gift to this world is her love of letter writing and her oh-so-sweet artworks that adorn her 'snail mail' envelopes.  I received one of Naomi's handmade creations after seeing a very kind call out for recipients on Instagram and it took me DAYS to open as I put aside a little time each day to draw out only one element of her special package and to admire the care and attention in each detail.  Receiving such a heartfelt letter made me realise how special that personal connection is.  Especially in a day where communication is often quick and to the point..."

The Weekly Review

Mum's the word: Meet the Melbourne mummy bloggers making waves

"Naomi Bulger has blogged as Naomi Loves since 2011, but last year she decided to change her kids’ names online. 'Now they won’t have their own digital identity already set for them before they can do that for themselves.' These bloggers eschew the notion of the perfect modern mum, although Naomi says she is interested in sharing the good bits of parenting. 'The horror stories exist, of course, but people can forget to share the joy, the amazing astounding life-changing beauty of being a parent.'..."