This online course was amazing! First of all it’s very easy to navigate with beautiful pictures and illustrations, whether you are a snail mail “newbie” or an “oldie” you would walk away with so much!

I loved it because it has so much information about everything! -and all this knowledge!! It’s so inspirational! I have followed Naomi's IG feed and her blog for a long time and she has always been so generous with her art and sharing all her tips I felt that this class reflected this as well: it was so affordable and gave me so much for what I paid. Plus every time I had questions she was available to answer them.

I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking to improve or brush up their letter-writing skills it is so beautiful and the subjects range from where to buy stationery to beautiful documentaries, bottom line emphasizes the power of writing a letter in this fast paced world. 


By now you know just how much I have enjoyed your course, but I wanted to put it in writing!

This course has done something special for me - it’s opened up a whole new world I never knew was out there, and not only that, but it’s put me in touch with it... I have written to my brother, my grandchildren, my adult children, and friends, as well as to people I don’t even know!  I have even had to buy more ink for my fountain pen!  

I cannot thank you enough for your inspiration, your encouragement, and your genuine love of writing, and the words themselves, and connecting them to people.

On a personal level, my son died in September of last year, so it’s been a challenging time for me.  This course has given me a light, something to look towards when things are dark.  It has been so helpful to remember to look outwards, to the wider world and beyond.

I cannot thank you enough.


 It was perfect, I really wouldn't change a thing. I learned SO much, took good notes and have a tidy file with all your downloads.


This is just a quick note to say a very big 'THANK YOU'. My family all say that they have never seen me come in after a long day and willingly choose to stay up until after midnight to do an online course! I thoroughly enjoyed each week and couldn't wait to move on to the next module. At breakfast the next morning, they would have to listen to me jabbering on about all that I had learned and all of the new things I wanted to try. Naked mail and Letters in a Bottle proved to be the most discussed topics of conversation at our family table! Everyone got in on the excitement.

Letter writing is like giving someone a gift. A gift of your time, and a gift of your heart at that moment in time. It is precious. Thank you for putting together a course that reminds us of how beautiful this gift truly is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wanda

Oh my goodness Naomi, day one of week one and already I've learned so much. Thank you, thank you... 

...Guess what?????  I've written two, not one but two letters and I've used so much of your course info to do that.

Yesterday I had my annual dentist check up.  My dentist is retiring soon, sob.  On the way home I worked out that I had been seeing him for 30+ years. I'm pretty sure I'm not even that old! So this morning I wrote him a thank you note, inspired by your teachings. In the past I never would have done that, but I felt like I didn't really thank him properly... 

...Just wanted to tell you how much I am loving this course. I've learnt so much, and written a few letters and notes already. Thank you for the in-depth, detailed and practical instructions. 


Thank you so much for this densely packed course! There was a lot of information. It's been almost 2 months after the final week, but I am still processing what I learned. Not only it talked about how to make mail art (which was really fun to read and explore) but I liked it covered the subjects like pen-pal etiquette, story telling, etc. They helped improving my mailart/letter writing. I feel that you really gave away the ins and out of letter writing in this course. Thank you again!


Dear Naomi, week 1 of your course is wonderful, thank you! 

I read everything through quickly and am now starting over, watching the youtube clips as I go and practising my cursive writing. It’s really quite energising to dive back into cursive and I’m even feeling inspired to perhaps dabble in calligraphy at some stage too. The ‘art of storytelling’ and ‘stationery love’ have been my favourite two chapters so far, but I loved it all really.

Looking forward to next week now. I just wanted to let you know how enjoyable the course is.

Mel xx

Oh Naomi

I LOVE this!

Sandra X

Hi Naomi

It's really warm in spain (40C) so I am sepnding an afternoon doing nothing but reading the 101 writing prompts. Thank you! They are great and they have given me many interesting ideas:)...

...I just have finished to read the first week lesson and I found it really interesting. After 31 years writing letters I have found many answers in this lessons, so I guess you have also written letters for many years, or you have made a deep study about it.

To be honest, I was affraid that I would not manage because of my English level, however I understand everything so far (I will go deep in all this stuff next month so I shall search for some words and expressions in the dictionary). 

Thank thanks gracias Naomi. I absolutely adore storytelling, questions in letters (haha funny chapter)... well, eveything! Language and tone was also usefull to me (I may use it no matter the language I write, but in English for sure I do no use complicated sentences haha).

No matter where I am, in my daily life I think about letters and new things to use in them. I love letters so much that I even ended being a postwoman and I love my job a lot...

...I have just finished week three in the e-course and I like it a lot.

Last summer there was a summer-camp in the area where I deliver the mail (I deliver in a village but there is also a mountain with some farm houses and a big house where there are summer-camps in summer). So, this summer-camp was for tenagers and they were asked to leave the cellphone in a big box the first day. So they have spent the whole two weeks without cellphone:) however they could sent letters and their families at home could sent them letters as well:) For me, the postie, it was lots of fun to deliver all this bunch of handwritten letters everyday! I guess the tenagers will keep these letters forever and they are a big treasure:)

Take care Naomi


Dear Naomi,

I just finished the first lesson and I want to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have been writing letters since I learned how to write and I am 68 years old. This course is full of sound advice, helpful rules and will be appreciated by newbies and experienced writers alike.

I learned something new in each section. Each is interesting in its own way and there is a continuation in your writing style that keeps my attention focused on the subjects. I love that we can print the lists you provided.

The last section is a mine of information and I will try all the tutorials.

I am so glad I signed up for this course. Looking forward to next week.

Best regards,

Dear Naomi,

Thank you so much for your email to check in today about the course. It's been a busy week and I hadn't had a chance to get started on it yet. Your email was just the friendly push I needed to log in and get started. Then, I loved it so much that I spent the bulk of my day going through the whole thing all at once taking copious notes! I'm eager to spend time going back and implementing some of the handwriting exercises that you recommended as well as some of the DIY stationary ideas that you shared with us.

It was a lot to absorb all at once, but it gave me a great overview of the things that I want to keep working on most as I move forward with these new thoughts and ideas that you presented. I love the video-clips that you included, which kept things feeling fresh and not too overdone with just reading alone. The photos are beautiful and also offered the same kind of brain break as the videos. The "Language and Tone" section will definitely be my biggest challenge of all of them, and I got a little bogged down, brain wise, in that section. But it was very very helpful to review these things and realize how rusty some of my grammar knowledge has become. Luckily, I'm not worried about getting trapped with worrying about the technical aspects of grammar, so it could never keep me from sitting down to write a nice long piece of mail! But it did inspire me to be more mindful and challenge myself to improve my writing. So thank you for that!

Of course, after all of that hard work of grammar, it was so nice to end on such a beautifully constructed final lesson. I'm so inspired creatively after seeing that last lesson and can't wait to try some of the DIY projects you featured.

Mostly, I just wanted to write back and say thank you for your email check-in this morning to remind me to get started, and to let you know a little bit about my experience with the course this week. It is beautifully constructed, easy to navigate, the lessons are straightforward and easy to understand (the challenge, as always, is in putting it into practice! :-D) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

All the best,

Dear Naomi,

I've just completed the first week of the course. I've enjoyed it so much, and I just wanted to let you know. I find the lessons cover the different topics with just the right level of depth, and I love all the extra resources you suggest. I feel so inspired after going through all the DIY stationery ideas, and I am eager to use some of these in my next letters. I also enjoyed a lot the lesson about how to improve your handwritting. The Youtube lessons you suggested seem very useful and interesting. About the Jack Weiddman talk on the importance of handwritting, I just felt so touched and represented! I thank you for introducing me to this talk. I will surely talk about it to my penpals. 

I am looking forward to continue with the course.

Greetings from Spain!

Hi Naomi, 

I loved the first week! So much great information and resources. I'm looking forward to the rest of the month!


It’s a beautiful, inspirational, generous thing you have created.


Dear Naomi,

Thanks for the number 2 installment of "Most Beautiful Letter." I started early this morning intending to only do a half-hour worth. Here I am at 10:34 am, still my my nightshirt, I have not exercised, I have not done my breakfast dishes or my bed.

This course is so captivating, I now have so many new ideas for my mail art and not enough time to try it all. It really is taking me to another level. I am so grateful to you, and now just cannot wait until next Monday.

Happy Tuesday,

Dear Naomi,

The quickest way to say how much I enjoy your course from me in the Netherlands to you in Australia is still an e-mail. I will put into writing as that is much much better, but I find your course so well thought out, detailed and above all inspiring (instead of daunting, which some courses definitely are)..

It has become a habit to do part of your course during my break at work and it leaves me with a smile the rest of the day.. 
I've been writing letters since I was 4 and I'm now 44, but this is the first time that I found practical tips to improve my handwriting (my Ts and Hs tend to sway through other characters..)

I've just finished reading how to make a seal wax and now cannot wait to make one on the next letter I will send.... I have the materials ready for years haha. 

Got to go back to work now, but thought it would be nice to let you know instead of waiting till the last bit!

xx Anna

Hi Naomi,

Just wanted to say that I am enjoying the course. The section on language and tone is very helpful.


Dear Naomi,

I am so happy to be enrolled in your letter writing class and have found it informative, inspirational and interesting. You have provided alot of information and great visuals.


Hi Naomi

I just want to tell you how much I am LOVING your course! I live in Wellington, New Zealand, and I took your course to liven up the letters I send to my two wee grandgirls who live in Perth. What you have created is really inspiring me and I have become a bit obsessed with it all :-)

I want to do something with this beyond my letters to my girls.

I work as a therapist... I wanted to let you know that your course has inspired me to help my clients connect with others in this way. I might begin perhaps with encouraging them to write to each other, as well as family/friends for those who do have any.

But in any event, thank you so much for your wonderful, gorgeous course and all the ideas it has ignited in me :-)

Kind regards, 


Just a quick note to let you know how very much I am enjoying these classes!! Yesterday’s installment for me was “Messages in a Bottle” ….I found myself flipping through the calendar in my mind for my next potential opportunity to get to the shore of the nearest ocean with bottle and missive in hand!  I have so enjoyed the unexpected historical background and links for further digging and researching that you have included along the way of this most wonderful adventure!

Thanks again - so very much for the course - enjoying it so much, I honestly hate to see it come to an end next week!


Hi Naomi

Thanks for setting this up. I loved the course and wish it could go on longer. You inspired me to make mail art. I appreciate the section on writing as well and hope to improve that aspect too. Thanks so much!