As an illustrator I work mainly in gouache, watercolour and ink. I still use many of my grandmother's old paints and palettes, remembering her and the painting lessons she once gave me as I mix my colours. My illustrations are similarly inspired by my childhood, and the books I loved to read. Illustrators like Arthur Ransome (Swallows and Amazons), Pauline Diana Baynes (The Chronicles of Narnia and books by JR Tolkien), Eileen Soper (Famous Five), and Cicely Mary Barker (Flower Fairies).


To help you celebrate a special occasion, or to warm the hearts of your friends and loved-ones, I am happy to create unique mail-art for you. These are original artworks, hand-painted onto envelopes and hand-addressed for you (here are some examples of my mail-art), and are available for a flat rate of $150 per illustrated envelope. To have just one original design hand-painted onto multiple envelopes, the rate is reduced to $80 per envelope.

If this is outside your budget but you still want to send something special and memorable for your loved-ones, I create free original mail-art templates and share them in my newsletter every month. These are line-drawings that you can print, colour in and address yourself, then follow the fold-lines given to turn them into mailable envelopes. Subscribe for the newsletter here.


I am the in-house illustrator for ethical Australian stationery company Boots Paper, and you can purchase my illustrations on letters, greeting cards, stickers and other stationery here.

All other illustrations

For all other illustration projects, just click the “contact me” button below to chat about your exciting project and plans!

I'd like to help you discover the joys of using colour and sending letters, too. My downloadable, Mail Art Colouring Book contains 62 hand-drawn illustrations that are designed to be made into envelopes, with specific areas set aside for postal addresses and stamps to send unique mail to friends and family. Buy the colouring book here.

(Looking over these photographs I realise that I am apparently unable to draw or paint without also having a cup of tea to hand. And why yes, I have been known to dip my paint brush into my tea by accident. But no, I have not mistakenly sipped the paint-water. Yet.)