Snail-mail, the old-fashioned practice of crafting and sending handwritten missives through the post, is a great joy for me. I believe snail-mail is nostalgia, crafts, slow-living and hygge all rolled into one. If you are searching for a more personal, connected and ‘handmade’ way of living, the simple act of writing a letter might be your answer. Here are some resources I've made for you.

"beautiful letter" course

My four-week e-course will teach you how to craft truly beautiful letters. Letters that deliver joy, and are destined to become keepsakes. You'll gain new writing and storytelling skills, ideas and tutorials for mail-art and thoughtful gifts, a guide to finding pen-pals, and time-management tips for busy correspondents. It's also packed with bonus printable resources.


Snail mail toolkit

If you want to dip your toes into the world of mail-art (sending decorated envelopes through the post) but lack time or creative confidence (or both), this toolkit is for you. A free monthly newsletter with printable envelope templates that you can paint and tailor to make and send your own mail-art, as well as mail tips and links. Subscribers to this toolkit also gain first dibs on all new projects and courses.   


My novella Airmail was published in 2011. It won both the iUniverse Editor’s Choice and Rising Star awards the same year. It's the story of a reclusive old man, Mr G.L. Solomon, who receives a series of letters from a complete stranger, a young woman named Anouk who is living in New York. Her letters become increasingly surreal and draw him into a grand adventure...



Enjoy colouring-in for relaxation and creativity, while creating something unique and beautiful to share with others. There are 60 downloadable illustrations, each designed as an envelope-template. When you have finished colouring, follow the instructions to turn your art into an envelope, and make somebody's day by sending them a unique letter!



In 2017, I joined Boots Paper, an ethical stationery company based in Gippsland, Victoria, as its in-house illustrator. We create bespoke, limited edition stationery, including note pads, lined envelopes, greeting cards, journals, correspondence cards, gift tags, a range of stickers, and so much more. This is the best fun I've ever had at "work" and we are constantly creating new products.



In January 2017, my husband bought me a present: a thousand unused vintage postcards, dating anywhere from 1900 to 1970, and he challenged me to send every one of them out into the world. Not for any reason or agenda, other than to give them life and spread joy, one letterbox at a time. So now I have a year to write and send a thousand vintage postcards.



I have been collecting recipes, received via letters from all over the world, to create a special kind of cook-book. The book will be a celebration of food, nostalgia, hand-written communications and community all in one go. I've collected all the recipes, and special stories, and now I'm in the process of bringing this book to life. Follow along on my blog to track its progress. 

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Coming soon! The Art of Mail: a field guide to creative, quirky and kind projects in the post (previously Snail Mail Revolution) is the working title of the book I’m writing, photographing for and illustrating right now. It is about all the clever, kind, quirky and creative things that people are doing (and YOU can do) with the post. The book will be available as an e-book, and in limited-edition print format.

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“Mail art” is an artistic movement all about sending small-scale art through the post. It started in the 1960s and 70s within the “fluxus” movement, which was an anti-art, anti-establishment movement that aimed to challenge the very definitions of art. So, for example, it asked: “Can mail be art?” Well, the answer is yes! This is an ever-growing gallery of the mail-art I make.