From time to time my husband asks me why I choose to share the things I create. And he has a point: after all, I sometimes make the most niche of stuff. A magical realism novella about an old man? Decorated envelopes? They are not exactly destined to be best-sellers!

"Why bother at all?" my husband asks me. "Just write and make for yourself."

And I reply, "Because I want to share."

I've made this masterclass for you if you long to share, too. 

The Sales & Social Masterclass for Makers is for you if you... 

* Dream of forging a business from doing the thing you love
* Need help pricing or selling your creative work
* Long to find your 'right people' online (your audience, your community, your tribe)
* Want to know how to build a website from scratch for yourself or your business
* Feel baffled by social media, and don't know where to start
* Love the idea of a blog, but don't know if it's relevant for you in 2018
* Would like to start a newsletter but don't know where to begin or what to write
* Want to know how to pitch your stories, ideas or creations to the media


Are you ready to start sharing the things you make with the world, but don’t know where to begin? I'm here to help! This practical masterclass is a comprehensive guide to promoting your work and selling your wares.

If you love to make, I can help you master the skills you need to develop your personal brand and style; identify your ‘right’ audience; understand social media and how to make it work for you; build a website or blog (or both); launch a newsletter and find subscribers; sell at markets or open an online shop; and successfully pitch to traditional media. 

Enrolments are now open, and this masterclass is delivered online.

You will receive full access to all the course content from the start, so you can cherry-pick the areas of interest to you at any given time, and you will have lifetime access to the course content, including any additions and updates. You will also be invited to participate in Facebook group challenges, and an exclusive weekly Instagram marketplace on which I am happy to promote your work or sell your wares via my personal Instagram stories (currently <21,000 followers). 

What we'll cover

If you love to create - whether you are an artist, a crafter, a writer, a teacher, or a curator - the Sales & Social Masterclass for Makers will give you the ideas, tools and guidance to share what you do with others. Whether that's practising in public, selling your wares, booking out clients, starting a blog, or telling your stories to the media, I will give you the practical help to make it happen, your way, and with your 'right people' behind you. We will cover: 

  • Overcoming shyness (and the joys of practising in public) 
  • Personal branding, style and boundaries 
  • How to find and build your tribe (your 'right people') 
  • Why you need an 'online home' (that you own, don't rent)
  • The new era of blogging 
  • How to DIY a website (platforms, costs, navigation, content)
  • The benefits of having a newsletter (and how to start one, and what to put in it)
  • An overview of the top seven social media platforms 
  • Working with the algorithms on social media 
  • How to protect your privacy and security online 
  • How to price your work or services 
  • A guide to selling online 
  • A guide to selling at local markets 
  • A guide to pitching to retailers 
  • Pitching your stories or seeking interviews in the traditional media 
  • How to make the most of any media coverage you receive 

And more! Shall we get started? 

The Sales and Social Media Masterclass for Makers is not a traditional e-course. You won't receive content that builds upon itself week by week. Instead, you have access to the entire course from Day 1. That's because I want you to be able to dip in and out of this course as needed, making use of the modules that are most relevant to you as you share your work in public.

Why I can help you

I have been braving the public eye with my creative work for more than 20 years and, as a journalist, magazine editor and communications consultant, I have made a living out of helping other people do the same. I've personally used the tools in this masterclass to create major campaigns, projects and resources for my clients, so I know they work. This is what I have been doing every day since 1998 (yes! I am that old!): it's my bread and butter.

I've planned and written websites for artists and websites for multinational companies, and everyone in between. I've been a brand manager, a radio broadcaster, a writing teacher, a media producer, a features writer, a copywriter, and a communications auditor. I was Launch Editor of two national magazines. And I've been blogging since MySpace. I truly can't wait to work with you!

But you won’t only hear from me... 

The Sales & Social Masterclass for Makers also features generous, heartfelt and inspiring interviews with people who are already doing these things with success and integrity:

* Sara Tasker of Me and Orla talks about making the most of social media;
* Brenner Lowe of Boots Paper discusses launching an online shop;
* Sophie Hansen of Local is Lovely and My Open Kitchen explores the beauty of newsletters;
* Helen Redfern of A Bookish Baker opens up about the evolution of blogs in 2018;
* Dee Wild of Wild About Melbourne shares her wisdom on setting up and selling at a market stall (even for introverts); and
* Journalists from the international publication Flow magazine clue us in on what they look for in successful pitches. 

Why creative people long to share

Most of the time when I work with clients, teach my Create With Confidence course, or even teach my Beautiful Letter course, we focus on what is going on for the person on the inside, on the challenges and joys that make up a person's creative life. In this masterclass we are going to start to look outward, to what needs to happen when you want to share your creative work, promote your creative work, and even sell your creative work.

Jeff Goins, author of Real Artists Don't Starve, has this to say about the need that creative people have to share what they do:

"We all need our work to resonate with someone; our art needs an audience. The way the Starving Artist attempts this is by working in private, secretly hoping to be discovered some day. She spurns the need for an audience and chooses to suffer for her work instead, holding out for that lucky moment when someone stumbles upon her genius. The Thriving Artist, on the other hand, chooses a different path: she shares her work by practising in public. Not by being sleazy or self-promotional but by letting people simply watch her work."

I believe that sharing your work in public - no matter what level you are at - is an act of generosity. Instead of presenting yourself to the world as the answer to your particular niche, you share your journey and your progress, and that is an open invitation for them to share theirs, as well.

The Sales & Social Media Masterclass for Makers is a practical resource for you to use now and dip back into whenever you need to progress or change things up. I will update it and add to it regularly, as new platforms and opportunities arise, so you can always stay at the forefront of opportunities to share and promote the things you create. 

However, sometimes you just need that extra eye to look over your work, or a helping hand and comforting friend to walk with you along the way. For this reason, I have created a number of packages for you. They include: 


Option 1: the Sales & Social masterclass

The cost of the Sales & Social Media for Makers Masterclass is $179, and this includes:

  • Eight downloadable course modules, jam packed with practical information, resources, inspiration, stories, interviews and links (includes lifelong access, with regular updates and additions)

  • An invitation to join our private Facebook group where you can make friends, ask questions, seek support, share your wins, and participate in challenges

  • Be part of the Naomi Loves Marketplace, a weekly celebration within my Instagram stories, where I'll share and link to your social media accounts, online stores, media mentions and events

  • Priority booking for my social media audit and creativity coaching services

  • A VIP invitation and $150 discount to join my Create with Confidence hybrid program (strictly limited to 15 places) when it next opens. This program will be offered to you a full 24 hours before anyone else has access

Option 2: the sales & social audit package 

The cost of the Sales & Social Audit Package is $250, and this includes full access to the Sales & Social Media for Makers Masterclass, as listed above. In addition, I will undertake a gentle audit of your website, blog, newsletter or Instagram account (as chosen by you) to identify what’s working, where you are struggling, and what can be improved upon. In particular, I will look at: 

  • Your brand feelings and consistency

  • Audiences and engagement

  • The stories you are telling (and how you tell them)

  • What you can do to help achieve your goals

Option 3: the Sales & Social helping hand

The cost of the Sales & Social Helping Hand is $390, and this includes:

  • Full, lifetime access to the Sales & Social Media for Makers Masterclass,

  • An audit of your website, blog, newsletter or Instagram account (as outlined above), and

  • Two supportive, encouraging one-on-one coaching calls with me to discuss your challenges, goals, the audit, and to help plan a path forward for you

We will have our first call together when you first join the Masterclass, during which I will direct you to which areas of the Masterclass will best suit you as a place to start. We will set some goals to provide you with guidance. I will undertake the audit of your choice and, in two weeks, we will have our second call. During that second call we will discuss the results of the (gentle and sensitive) audit, your progression towards your goals, any challenges you have faced, and forge a path forward for you.