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Creative Mentoring

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You have a creative dream. Maybe you want to unlock that creative spirit you feel has been dormant in you for way too long, and just get making. Maybe you want to open yourself up to creative new ideas, in your business or in your life. Maybe you want to take what you are already doing to the next level. No matter what your dream is, you know you want to approach your life and work in more creative ways... and I am here to help!

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How I can help 

You may know me as the mum with the paint-brushes and the blog. But in my pre-kids life, I have edited and launched national and international magazines, spearheaded and project-managed multimillion dollar branding and fundraising programs, and devised and managed countless communications strategies. I've built and optimised more websites than I can count, written two books, broadcast nationally on radio every day for three years, and leveraged my creative passion to fund two years of living in New York and travelling the world. 

I can help with your confidence, your creative inspiration, your business planning, and the practicalities of promoting yourself and what you do (such as blogging and newsletters, social media, traditional media, and other marketing). 

I'm also a super-enthusiastic cheerleader, and genuinely passionate about helping people find, develop and celebrate their creativity, whatever that means to them and whatever outcomes they hope to achieve. I would love to cheer you on! 

If you're ready to start working together on your creative goals, choose a session (more information on those below) and we'll get going. If you'd like to know more, you can read about my Creative Mentoring sessions here.


During this 60-minute conversation, we will delve directly into what you need the most in order to move forward. For example, that might be finding clarity and direction in your creative projects or your brand; improving your social media profile; ways to overcome any challenges or obstacles you're experiencing to moving forward; or setting in place a concrete plan for getting your work into the world. Afterwards I'll send you notes on our session, and specific tasks for you to take the next steps. 

(Now taking bookings for March 2018 and onwards)


If you want to spend more time working on your creative goals and your brand, the three-month program package will help you really dig in to the challenges you are facing, and how to overcome them and move forward. I will work with you over six 60-minute sessions, every two weeks for three months. Together, we will work on a detailed plan for you with actionable steps that help put you on a path to achieve your creative goals.   

These sessions themselves can be spent in a number of ways. For example, you may wish to use some or all of them for additional mentoring conversations, each conversation building on the other and with actionable "next steps" for you to take each time. Alternatively, you may want to have me spend one of those hours auditing your website or social media presences instead. You may prefer to spend some of that time receiving more practical coaching on an aspect of your work that is challenging you, such as setting up a new blog or social media profile, learning how to improve your writing, or creating a six-month content plan. It's up to you!