DEPOSIT for Create With Confidence in May 2019

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DEPOSIT for Create With Confidence in May 2019


Create With Confidence is an e-course and coaching program that will help you discover, harness and celebrate your innate creativity. Places are strictly limited to 20.

Note that the total cost of participating in Create With Confidence is $960. What you are purchasing today is a guaranteed place in the program for May 2019. Your deposit is non-refundable, however, your place in May 2019 is guaranteed, and I will discount the full amount from the course fee when enrolments open (meaning you will only have $810 to pay). 

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You will find your creativity

It's truly that simple. We will use proven techniques that train your brain to think more creatively, and the benefits of this will impact every corner of your life. Generate new ideas. Innovate in the workplace. Approach life challenges and problems in new and positive ways. Improve the way you communicate in your relationships. Experience mindfulness. 

Oh and art. Don't forget the art! This program will be, above all, FUN, and the way we will get to all those benefits will be through making or doing a creative project that you truly love, purely for the joy of making or doing something that you truly love. 

Your creative project can be big or small, and will be set by you, with personal support from me, focusing your choice on the time and resources you have available, and what it is that truly lights you up. Perhaps you may choose to complete a work of art, develop a new recipe, master the basics of a new creative hobby, write a short story, plan a new garden, compose a new song, crochet a new scarf, or perform in a local play. You get the picture! 

This is an intensive but playful eight-week hybrid mastermind program that will train your brain to actually think more creatively, and help you form creative habits for innovation, idea generation, mindfulness, problem-solving and art that last a lifetime. To get there, we combine short course-work with fun creative tasks, group support, one-to-one mentoring, and a personal project that you will work on from start to finish.


  • PRIORITIES: how to make creativity a priority in your life, and why being creative is important for you (and those around you)

  • HABITS: daily habits you can start right now that will open your mind to creative thinking and innovation... forever

  • SUPPORT: we're not lonely artists in garrets. You will be part of a like-minded community, and have personal support from me

  • CREATIVE SPARK: we will work together to identify what lights you up, and make this your personal project for the program

  • CONFIDENCE: activities and practical tools you can use to help you overcome and work through self-doubt

  • MOTIVATION: where to find support and seek accountability, and mindset tools to become your own biggest cheerleader

  • ACHIEVEMENT: a big part of this program will be committing to and finishing a specific creative project

  • PROMOTIONS: readying yourself with tools and guidelines for practising in public, showcasing your creative work, or preparing to sell, if and when you choose to do this

  • NEXT STEPS: how to maintain and grow the spark, the fun, the confidence and the motivation after this program ends


  • Eight weeks of guided support, including course work and practical advice for growing creativity

  • Short projects, challenges, journaling prompts and printables that open up your mind to new creative possibilities

  • A beautiful, 250-page art journal (sent by post) to be used for tracking your progress and getting experimental with art

  • A private community to chat with other students, make friends, share your challenges, and celebrate your wins

  • Two private calls with me to provide you with personal support and guidance as you work through this project

  • FREE lifetime access to the Sales & Social Masterclass for Makers, for students who want to go public

  • Video group calls, during which you can ask questions and gain support from me, and from other students

  • Email access to me for advice, ideas, sympathetic listening, joyful celebrating, and virtual hugs, any time

  • Life-long access to the course content, including any future updates that may be made