Sales & Social Masterclass for Makers


Sales & Social Masterclass for Makers


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Are you ready to start sharing the things you make with the world, but don’t know where to begin? I'm here to help! This practical masterclass is a comprehensive guide to promoting your work and selling your wares.

(Note that this purchase is a one-off fee. You will have full access to the course and membership community, and nothing more to pay. If you would prefer to break your payments up over two months, click here).

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If you love to make, I can help you master the skills you need to develop your personal brand and style; identify your ‘right’ audience; understand social media and how to make it work for you; build a website or blog (or both); launch a newsletter and find subscribers; sell at markets or open an online shop; and successfully pitch to traditional media.

What we'll cover

If you love to create - whether you are an artist, a crafter, a writer, a teacher, or a curator - the Sales & Social Masterclass for Makers will give you the ideas, tools and guidance to share what you do with others. Whether that's practising in public, selling your wares, booking out clients, starting a blog, or telling your stories to the media, I will give you the practical help to make it happen, your way, and with your 'right people' behind you. We will cover: 

  • Overcoming shyness (and the joys of practising in public) 
  • Personal branding, style and boundaries 
  • How to find and build your tribe (your 'right people') 
  • Why you need an 'online home' (that you own, don't rent)
  • The new era of blogging 
  • How to DIY a website (platforms, costs, navigation, content)
  • The benefits of having a newsletter (and how to start one, and what to put in it)
  • An overview of the top seven social media platforms 
  • Working with the algorithms on social media 
  • How to protect your privacy and security online 
  • How to price your work or services 
  • A guide to selling online 
  • A guide to selling at local markets 
  • A guide to pitching to retailers 
  • Pitching your stories or seeking interviews in the traditional media 
  • How to make the most of any media coverage you receive 

And more! Shall we get started?