"The Most Beautiful Letter You Have Ever Written" (e-course)


"The Most Beautiful Letter You Have Ever Written" (e-course)


It's time. Time to pick up a pen and write a letter to Nanna. Surprise Facebook friends with a handwritten postcard. Send a thank-you card to your child's school teacher. Leave a loving post-it note for your partner. No matter what your reason for writing, I will help you make it special and beautiful. 

This course is now open and accepting new students. 

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This is a digitally delivered e-course, structured into four weeks, with one lesson a day. However, the contents are self-paced, so you can move through the lessons as quickly as slowly as you like. You will have access for a full 12 months, so there is no need to rush. 


The purpose of the "Your Beautiful Letter" course is to equip and empower you with real skills and practical resources so that you feel confident writing and making really beautiful letters (in both appearance and sentiment). Of course, these skills transfer to all kinds of other writing and making projects, as well! You will learn and gain… 

* Writing: I will give you inspiration if you don’t know what to say, as well as new writing and storytelling skills so you can say it in the best way possible. There will be writing prompts; lessons on the art of story-telling; and tips for dynamic, engaging writing (which can be applied to writing projects anywhere, not just to letters)

* Mail-art: I will teach you the art of decorating your envelopes to send them through the post. There will be tutorials and projects on painting, collage, stamping, handmade envelopes, wax seals, hand-lettering and more, as well as guidelines for making mail that survives the post, and is acceptable to post offices

* Time: Sometimes the idea of slow-living and the pursuit of genuine connections is easier said than done in our fast-paced lives. I cover time-saving tips (how to avoid lines at the post office!), tutorials and ideas for mail projects that you can do in five minutes or less, a guide to using letter-writing for mindfulness, and an exploration of the cognitive and emotional benefits of writing things by hand

* Connections: Writing a letter is one of the best ways to connect with someone, because it feels so personal: it is a gift of your time, and it is a tangible keepsake bearing your thoughts in pen and ink. Plenty of people will tell you they get better and faster RSVPs to mailed invitations rather than emailed invitations. I’ll help you find the right people to write to (both known and unknown) to forge real connections, make new friendships, and (of course) find beautiful mail in your letterbox, too

* Bonus resources: Alongside the lessons, you’ll receive a bundle of downloadable resources for creative inspiration, such as original mail-art envelope templates, handmade envelope templates of various sizes, stickers or labels to decorate your mail, art-stamps painted by me, postcard templates, and helpful lists and prompts to inspire your writing. In addition, you’ll be invited to join my private mail-art pen-pal club, to start receiving lovely letters and little pieces of art in the mail from all over the world