Thousand Postcard Project


In January 2017, my husband bought me a present: a thousand unused vintage postcards, dating anywhere from 1900 to 1970, and he challenged me to send every one of them out into the world. Not for any reason or agenda, other than to give them life and spread joy, one letterbox at a time.

So now I have exactly one year to send a thousand vintage and antique postcards, each with an individual story on it: a funny, touching or surprising moment from my life; a passage or poem from a book I love; thoughts and goals for the year; maybe even a drawing of some sort… it could be anything, but I promise it will be meaningful. 

The recipients don’t have to do anything, pay anything, acknowledge receipt or reply. All I ask is that they share the snail-mail love by writing something to somebody else, just to make their day. 

NOTE: I already have a thousand addresses and am now slowly but surely writing and sending vintage postcards all over the world. You can follow along on this blog (type “thousand postcard” into the search box if you want to see some favourites), or take a look at the hashtag #thousandpostcardproject on Instagram, where people share the postcards they receive.