If you want to be seen online, or gain exposure in your community in any way, it is essential that you have an online home that belongs to you, and you alone.

By 'online home,' I mean your own website. Or your own newsletter, or blog. Your own online courses. Even your own podcast. The essential part is that there is a way for people to find you, follow you, communicate with you and support you online, that is not reliant on anyone else.

I help my clients do exactly that, in particular by creating beautiful websites, engaging newsletters, personal blogs, and memorable online courses.

Website development

I will work with you to create a Squarespace website that celebrates your brand and tells your story. We will strategically plan your website, carefully mapping the ‘information architecture’ (the navigation plan) to be sure it is clear and useable for your visitors, and populate it with beautiful imagery and compelling copy that attracts and retains your ‘right people’.

I have extensive experience project managing, writing and managing new websites. Websites designed to make sales, websites designed to build community, websites designed to recruit charitable supporters, and websites designed to host events. My web clients include Mission Australia, the Macquarie Group, Westmead Medical Research Foundation, and Anvil Media.

Newsletters & blogs

A newsletter is marketing gold. It is personal, and intimate: your opportunity to speak personally with your tribe, within the intimacy of their Inboxes. Nothing will get in your way: no algorithms, no SEO tactics, no click-bait flashing banners to draw them away. All anyone has to do is hit “Reply” to your newsletter, and the two of you are in a personal conversation. (The replies are my favourite part of my own newsletter, every month. I just love those replies!) Where else can you have this kind of intimacy and alone-time with your ideal customers?

I help my clients plan, design and prepare compelling, valuable content for their newsletters that engage their communities. Together, we select an appropriate platform for the newsletters, design an approach that will help them achieve their ultimate business goals, and prepare a content plan for the next 12 months. For those who require it, I also write and design each newsletter issue.

Online courses

If you have skills you want to share and sell, I can help you plan, write, develop, publish and sell unique online courses to your community. Should you wish it, I can also moderate and respond to comments and queries within your course material.