When people ask me what I do, I feel a rush of nostalgia for the days when we all had easy, succinct job descriptions to give out at dinner parties (like, “I’m a chef.” “I’m an accountant.” “I’m an archaeologist.” - btw that last is my alternate reality dream job). For many years, it was easy for me, too. I used to say “I’m a journalist” and then later “I’m a magazine editor,” and that was that. These days, things are a little more complex to explain, but a lot more fun. So, here’s what I do, and how I can help you:

I help busy women find the time, confidence and inspiration to explore their creativity, share their stories, and find their tribes.

How do I do it?

  • Writing: I’ll help you by writing, editing or planning your website copy, newsletters, collateral, reports and product descriptions in a way that helps you tell your story, your way. (I also pitch and write stories for magazines, and I can help you do that, too)

  • Illustrating: I will create custom, hand-painted illustrations for you that help bring your brand, logo, book, course, newsletter, recipe, (and most other things you can imagine in pictures) to life

  • Teaching & coaching: I deliver a small number of online courses and provide one-on-one coaching for individual clients, each year. Right now, I can help you with courses on developing your creativity, mastering sales & social media, and the art of letter-writing

  • Instagram: Instagram is my favourite place online, and I can help you make the most of this friendly platform. I can provide a detailed audit that hones your feed; and can manage your account to help you find and engage with your ‘right people,’ to achieve your goals

  • Branding: If you don’t know where to start when it comes to branding, I can help you develop every element of your personal or business brand in a way that feels natural and true-to-you. Working with a talented designer, I can also custom-create a unique brand identity and suite for you, providing everything from logos to photography to verbal copy, according to your needs

How can I help you? Click “email me” below to get in touch with your questions, ideas, or crazy flashes of inspiration.


As an illustrator I work mainly in gouache, watercolour and ink. I still use many of my grandmother's old paints and palettes, remembering her and the painting lessons she once gave me as I mix my colours. My illustrations are similarly inspired by my childhood, and the books I loved to read. Illustrators like Arthur Ransome (Swallows and Amazons), Pauline Diana Baynes (The Chronicles of Narnia and books by JR Tolkien), Eileen Soper (Famous Five), and Cicely Mary Barker (Flower Fairies).


I am the in-house illustrator for ethical Australian stationery company Boots Paper, and you can purchase my illustrations on letters, greeting cards, stickers and other stationery here.

Custom illustrations

I create unique illustrations for all kinds of projects, including children’s books, recipe books, stickers, courses, logos, wedding invitations, and one-of-a-kind maps. For your illustration project, just click “contact me” below to chat about your exciting project and plans! (And in the meantime, here’s what some of my amazing and wonderful clients have to say):

* * *


“Naomi is able to seamlessly connect to my vision whether working with a basic brief or within the confines of a detailed one. There is a whimsical charm dancing through her thoughtful illustrations which both connects and resonates.” - Brenner Lowe (owner, Boots Paper)

“Your amazing illustrations have really taken this course to another level - thank you so much for your patience and persistence in getting every single pic right so it conveyed the right information to our students (especially those ones which we had multiple phone calls, messages and emails about!). I have SO loved working on this project with you Naomi - I just need to think of another so we can work together again!” - Anneka Manning (owner, Bake Club) - via Instagram

“The folding postcard Naomi created for me brings me untold joy. I feel like an awe-struck child each time I untie the tiny string bow that holds the miniature hand drawn postcards in their satchel. In a world of mass produced everything, this postcard is a shining gem that delights everyone who sees it.” - Annabelle Hickson (co-host, Dispatch to a Friend)

“I felt blessed to have found Naomi to do the illustrations for my cook book. She really captured the essence of the book with her illustrations, which took the book design to another level. And it helped that she was an absolute delight to work with and a thoroughly interesting person!” - Simone Kelly (author, ‘Family Harvest’)

"The brand and logo created by Naomi and Brenner were a key part of what has been a new and incredibly successful fundraising event for our team. Naomi’s illustrations beautifully captured the tone, feel and essence of our Gather to Graze event.” - the team at Epworth Medical Foundation (hosts, Gather to Graze)

"Working with Naomi was an absolute joy. Written in memoriam, this story was never 'just a book'. It was a personal journey that was navigated with Naomi's graceful support. I can't thank her enough for her enthusiasm, patience and expert interpretation of exactly what this project needed." - Wendy Milner (author, ‘Grandad and the Baby Dolphin’)



To help you celebrate a special occasion, or to warm the hearts of your friends and loved-ones, I am happy to create unique mail-art for you. These are original artworks, hand-painted onto envelopes and hand-addressed for you (here are some examples of my mail-art), and are available for a flat rate of $150 per illustrated envelope. To have just one original design hand-painted onto multiple envelopes, the rate is reduced to $80 per envelope.

If this is outside your budget but you still want to send something special and memorable for your loved-ones, I create free original mail-art templates and share them in my newsletter every month. These are line-drawings that you can print, colour in and address yourself, then follow the fold-lines given to turn them into mailable envelopes. Subscribe for the newsletter here.

Colouring book

I'd like to help you discover the joys of using colour and sending letters, too. My downloadable, Mail Art Colouring Book contains 62 hand-drawn illustrations that are designed to be made into envelopes, with specific areas set aside for postal addresses and stamps to send unique mail to friends and family. Buy the colouring book here.

(Looking over these photographs I realise that I am apparently unable to draw or paint without also having a cup of tea to hand. And why yes, I have been known to dip my paint brush into my tea by accident. But no, I have not mistakenly sipped the paint-water. Yet.)


I teach e-courses and release e-books in a variety of creative fields about which I'm passionate. Indeed, few things give me greater joy than to see my friends and community bloom in their creativity: growing in confidence, discovering new things to try, experimenting, playing, and pursuing their dreams and goals. I would love to work beside you on this path.

From time to time I also provide one-to-one coaching to help people achieve their creative goals. These sessions are currently booked out, but if you would like to be among the first to hear when new appointments open, be sure you have subscribed to my newsletter.


I’m the former Editor of Nett magazine and an international magazine I’m not allowed to name here (but you can ask me about it privately if you’re interested in my portfolio). My debut novella Airmail was published in April 2011; I’m the author of non-fiction books Talk Without Being Interrupted and Seventeen Summers; and my poetry was included in the Australian Poetry Encouragement Award anthology in 2002. Once upon a time I worked in radio, and broadcast to more than 80 stations each day as a senior journalist and commodity analyst. When pressed, I can still do the newsreader voice.

Nowadays, I write magazine features and smaller pieces on just about any subject, from small business to slow living, and parenting to creative crafts. I also write and edit for other people, helping them to craft website copy, social media posts, newsletters and brand collateral that tell their stories. If you'd like me to entertain, inform or inspire your readers, contact me to chat about your needs.

Alongside magazines features, what I really love to write is a personal letter. I write postcards and epistles, long letters, quick notes, poetry, and nonsense. If you can write it on a piece of paper I have probably done so, then stuffed it into an envelope and put a stamp on it. 

I'm so passionate about the joy that letter-writing brings - both to the writer and the recipient - that I’m working on a new book called The Art of Mail, and I've also created a host of tools and resources to help others do the same. E-books and print books and deep-dive courses on letter-writing and templates and projects and more. If there's something I've missed that you could really use, let me know!