I'm Naomi: a writer, an illustrator and a mother. My goal is to lead a life that is slow, creative and personal; in a world that can all-too-often feel frantic, mainstream and remote. Let's call that goal a work in progress. 



A winter picnic, home-grown vegetables, family meals around the table, freshly baked bread, limiting your footprint, conversations over coffee. Slow living, for me, is simply about mindfulness; about appreciating that a good life is worth waiting for, working for, and caring for.



I like to celebrate creativity in all shapes and forms. I'm an illustrator and writer so creativity plays a big part in my daily life, but I also love to see what others are doing, and try to share the creative people, projects and pieces I discover, by featuring them on my blog. 



In this digital era, when personal connections are made through pokes and self-worth is measured in likes, many of us are searching for more meaningful ways to communicate and forge friendships. For me, old-fashioned handwritten letters have become a beautiful, personal way to share.

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