Life lessons from antique Girls' Own annuals

How to make your home beautiful: Many women who are keenly anxious to dwell in beautiful surroundings, but who are unable to spend much on refurnishing, seem quite unconscious of the large part played by 'order' and 'suitability' in the making of a beautiful home. But order must not be confused with finicking tidiness; it is something far bigger and more dignified than this...

A woman's right to her own income:

Taxing a Woman's Marriage: An Article for Married Women with Incomes of Their Own, which tells of some Anomalies lately brought to Light, and How the Income of Husband and Wife is made to Bear Burdens Jointly that could not be Imposed Separately...

Curried tripe recipe:

Slice two large onions and fry them a light brown colour in two tablespoonfuls of dripping. Stir into the pan one teaspoon of curry powder, one table spoon of flour and three-quarters of a pint of stock...

Ladylike passion:

"We'll never let this house go, Uncle Tuck, never!" said Rose Mary passionately, as she pressed her cheek closer to his arm. "I don't know why I know, but we are going to have it as long as they - and you, you need it - and I'm going to die here myself," she added with a laughing sob, as she shook two tears out of her lashes and looked up at him with adorning stars in her eyes.

Speech therapy:

Paula brightened and did her best to look intelligent. "Bai Jove, yes wather, thanks, thanks," she said. "The air - why of course. I can't think why I couldn't wecall that fact before! But I've a tewwible bwain for poetwy, Miss Wedgwave, yes wather. Deplowa-"

"Yes, yes, Paula," Miss Redgrave cut in dryly. "I have already had ample opportunity to notice that fact."

Literary gold!