Notting Hill blue

I'm getting married in two weeks. It's only a small wedding, and we're having the ceremony in our tiny back yard, which will be crowded and comedic to say the least. But my wonderful parents have been hard at work making it look like a paradise, and I humbly think it does. So does Ruby the cat.

Their latest idea was to paint the back door. Mum suggested a rust red, but Mr B was adamant: 'Notting Hill blue' was his choice. Remember the bright blue door in the movie Notting Hill? That colour.

(This is my dad painting the door earlier today, just before it rained. Get that blue!)

Possibly I forgot to mention I am marrying a little old lady. To whit:

* Notting Hill is Mr B's favourite movie * He is also fond of The Vicar of Dibley and anything with Penelope Keith in it * We have an Amish patchwork quilt on our bed * He enjoys drinking tea out of fine, floral china teacups, and * Is constantly on the lookout in antique stores for a really nice silver tea set.

Moreover, he is inordinately interested in the antics of the British royal family, past and present. I tender in evidence Exhibit A below, a very beautiful ring he gave me a couple of Christmases ago. I absolutely love it. But does it look familiar?

However, our love affair works because I am a little old lady too. I like all of these things (except the royal family, who leave me yawning I confess), PLUS I have gender on my side. And age, since I'm a year older than he is.

It's one thing to look forward to growing old together. Even better to already be old inside our heads, and have decades of mutual senility to enjoy ahead of us.

A match made in Shady Pines (or Portobello Rd).