Makes me smile

I've had the 'flu all week and it feels like crap. But here are some thoughts that are making me smile right now: * Airmail is finally in my hot (flu-fevered) little hands after all these years.

* I just interviewed a lovely woman who is the 6th generation of her family to run a guesthouse on a tropical island, acquired in 1848 for two tons of potatoes.

* After a year of exhausting commuting, Mr B and I are actually going to live together full time again, starting this month.

* This morning, I painted my fingernails a particularly shocking shade of orange.

* My little brother is getting married this week. (This is us as kids on my old horse Queeny - how cute is he in the yellow stackhat?) * I am going to make spaghetti bolognese for dinner, and eat it while watching Glee.

* I finally filled the prescription for my sleeping tablets so I WILL SLEEP TONIGHT.