Dear friend, I'm writing you a letter

Dear friend, In the spirit of thankfulness, and giving, and love... And in the knowledge of how nice it feels when you get a letter in the mail that isn't a bill... I hereby promise to write you a letter.

When you buy Airmail, just send me an email to tell me you've done so, and I'll write you a personal letter of thanks. And I'll seal it in an airmail envelope.

And now to prove to you that I'm as good as my word, here is what I did on my lunch break today:

I grabbed the dog and took him for a walk. We went to this store on King Street in Newtown, which is my favourite stationery place in all the whole wide world. Which is pretty big and wide. While there, we met this very nice lady, who not only helped me pick out the writing materials she's holding, but also gave my dog lots of cuddles, which it is why it is now also his favourite stationery store in the whole wide world. On returning home, I proceeded to write the first letter, which happened to be to Mr B as he was also the first person to buy Airmail. If Mr B turns out to be the only person to buy Airmail as well as the first person, I may cry. But I will console myself with all the nice stationery that I will then get to keep. (Actually it is lovely stationery but not that much of a consolation, to be honest. Plus, letters are meant to be sent not kept. Please buy a copy of Airmail. I will write you a super nice note on the beautiful paper. Yours truly, Naomi)