Mutant species: kangaroo-dog

Proof! The species are mingling, powerful new genetic mutants are emerging. Ladies and gentlemen I present: the amazing kangaroo-dog.Apparently, these are the blog posts that my brain believes are worthy at 3.30am. I suspect my 7.30am brain will apologise, so I am doing so now, in advance. Sorry! Still, I am enjoying the concept of the kangaroo-dog somewhat.

I am also rather on tenterhooks to bring you photographic evidence of another mutant species I encountered tonight: the Bikini Barbers. Yes, you read correctly. A barber shop where all the hairdressers wear bikinis. I assume they are women, although I'm hoping...

I passed this little gem of Queensland culture when it was closed, so had to content myself with reading a big sign displaying all the rules (such as "look but don't touch," and "no lewd comments"), but you can bet your booties I will be back in daylight!

Possibly I will need to hide behind a tree and take my photograph using a long-range lens (that I don't have), just as I imagine many a peeping tom has done before me. But this, my friends, is the strength of my commitment to excellence in journalism.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, I bid you Adieu