Things I did at the Brookfield Show

* Mistakenly assumed a security guy in the bar area would like to see my bag for purposes of ascertaining lack of firearms and/or illegal liquor, thereby inadvertently humiliating myself when all around me thought I felt the need to prove my over-18 status* Ditched the still-laughing security guy and faked being a steward in order to get into the Pony Club area instead, to watch the rodeo * Watched rodeo, during which a cowboy dude was spun through the air (horizontal to the ground) by a rather pissed off bull * Watched second cowboy dude narrowly miss being gored to death by an extremely pissed off bull * Quickly turned back on rodeo and returned attention to alcohol * Purchased this jar of delicious lime marmalade (it was full at the time): * Strongly urged a friend to "Take the banana Rasta! Take the banana Rasta!" after he was a DOUBLE WINNER at the lucky numbers (which stroke of good fortune inspired Mr B to excitedly chant "Winner winner chicken dinner" at intermittent intervals throughout the rest of the evening) * Had dizzying brush with fame via proximity to Sigrid Thornton's brother's award-winning preserves, on display in Cookery Pavilion * Vicariously purchased two lovely watercolours from the Art Pavilion, by way of encouraging friends to do so instead * Experienced rather odd sensation of having forefinger mistaken for a sheep's nipple and suckled by lamb at petting zoo * Purchased and ate an entire bag of coconut ice, then immediately began growing pimple on chin which had fully matured by the next morning * Did not step in cow pat. Not even once!