Aunty Bev's emails

I have an Aunty Bev. Actually, Mr B has an Aunty Bev, but I have adopted her and I call her mine too. She is a corker. And extremely funny, although most of Aunty Bev's best jokes cannot be repeated for this blog's PG audience. She makes delicious dinners and wonderful cakes and slices, of which you will hear more some day very soon. Aunty Bev also reads this blog on a semi-regular basis. Hi, Aunty Bev!

For the past couple of years, Aunty Bev has been learning computer skills, and one of the upshots of this is that she sends me emails several times a week. Most often, these are jokes, or political or religious statements (Aunty Bev is impervious to conversational taboos), or inspiring pictures.

And on occasion, they are simply things of beauty and wonder. Things that neither have nor need explanation. This is one of them, sent to me in an email from Aunty Bev today. I thought I'd share it with you, too.