Golden ticket day off

Today I had a golden ticket day off. An unplanned free day, taken after working all weekend, that belonged entirely to me. No errands, no clients to please, no need to even check my emails or pick up the phone. So I didn't. The day was all mine, and it was perfect. I took a cup of tea out onto the balcony, where Ruby and I read the latest Frankie magazine. Then I made a second cup of tea and kept on reading.

I grabbed a supply of little blue bags and took Oliver, the world's happiest dog, for a walk along the Broadwater.

Waved to the tourists on the Aquaduck as they chugged under the bridge. (Seriously, who doesn't want to ride an amphibious bus?)

When I got to Main Beach...

I sat in the sand and had a club sandwich and drank sparkling mineral water. I read Cathedral, a short story by Raymond Carver, a story that was really an experience and stayed with me for the entire walk home.

Back at the apartment, I wrote a scene for my new novel, in which my protagonist Kevin, an obsessive sommelier who finds magic in wine, got mugged on a train station in the London underground. I also honed the backstory in which Kevin's mother was killed.

Mr B came home from work, carrying a bottle of sparkling wine under one arm and a large box hoisted in the other. Look what arrived in the mail, ready for the book launch party for Airmail in Sydney next month!

I simmered up a super spicy chicken and vegetable red curry while listening to Bob Dylan, followed by dessert of frozen berries blended with yoghurt, honey and mint and topped with shaved chocolate (thank you, Jamie Oliver).

Finally, I settled in for the evening with my darling to drink my bubbles and watch last night's episode of Downton Abbey online.

This was a really good day. A golden ticket day. Thank you, universe.