Sunshine in winter (+ other things not so bad about Queensland)

This blog has been brought to you from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, for the past two months. We have one more month to go before we move back down to cooler climes.

I have been complaining about living here but that just goes to show how ungrateful I am, and that I need an attitude readjustment. To show I've made my peace with Queensland, I wanted to bring you these sweet scenes from my daily walk with the dog.

And by way of apology to the northern State, here are some other lovely things about Queensland that I hope will cheer your day and inspire your weekend.

* Shopping at the BrisStyle indie markets for something unique and handmade * Free music on Sunday afternoon in the Bond University amphitheatre overlooking the lake * Treasure hunting at the Woollongabba Antique Centre in Brisbane * Eggs for breakfast on Sunday at Vintage Espresso in Mermaid Beach * Musings and tidbits from reading this Queenslander's blog