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I have been living out of one since April. I don't love it. In particular, I don't love wearing the same clothes over and over again, with the rest of my wardrobe sealed up in boxes in a rented storage garage in Sydney. Right now, suitcases to me spell "constrained."On the other hand, suitcases pulled out of the closet and dusted off can also mean

The beginning of a journeyThe romance of the road

A new adventure

At those times, I love suitcases.Last night I met a woman who had packed her suitcases so many times and lived so many places that home was no longer "where the heart is" because her heart followed the people she loved, and they were scattered across the world. I know how she feels.

I said "I couldn't tell you where I'm from any more." I don't know a place that is my home. I guess I've just packed and unpacked too many suitcases.

What do suitcases mean to you?

For Mr Lee, my best kitty-pal in New York, suitcases apparently represent the ultimate in luxury and comfort.So much so that when we finally do get settled in a home and unpack all those boxes, I am going to buy a Ruby a vintage suitcase, put a rug in it, and make it her bed. She will be over the sleepy moon, and our house will still look nice.