Favourite things: small packages

If you’ve been reading my blog lately you’ll know that I’m about to make my third interstate move in 12 months. As usual, we seem to have accumulated at a rate that would make even the most seasoned capitalist blush. I’ve been playing Tetris with our belongings to try and make everything fit. Wouldn’t life be easier if at least part of it could be shrunk down? Today I wistfully bring you these five artistic things in perfect miniature.

1. Miniature sculptures on crayons, by Diem Chau (found via Honestly WTF) and on the tips of pencils, by Dalton Ghetti

2. Miniature books. Printstagram puts your Instagram photos in print. My favourite has to be this adorable miniature book. It's like a coffee table book for Thumbelina. You better believe I'm doing this. (Thanks to Poppytalk for the tip-off.)

3. Miniature literary figures. Debbie of Uneekdolldesigns makes the funniest miniature dolls inspired by literary and film characters. If you didn't recognise them, these two are Pip and poor, crazy old Miss Havisham (complete with tragic wedding dress), from Charles Dickens' masterpiece, Great Expectations.

4. Miniature perspectives. At a first glance, Scott Moore's paintings look hyper-real. But wait - is that a PERSON in this scene? Miniature people, just going about their daily lives inside our own (relatively giant) lives. (Found on My Modern Met.)

5. Miniature gardens. This is Cockington Green, an entire village in miniature, just outside of Canberra, Australia. It's open to visitors, so you can go see it for yourself if you like. Why did they build it? Erm, some people are just strange, I guess. But I think that's a good thing. Don't you?

Let's imagine you have access to Wayne Szalinski's gun from Honey I Shrunk the Kids. What will you shrink?