Yellow, clockwise in a pretty spiral:

1. The colour of today's gloriously scented lemon harvest, taken from the tree in my back yard and carried inside in my butterfly skirt, and with which I will make lemonade, and this lemon meringue pie 2. The colour of some lovely vintage fabric that arrived in the mail today, all the way from Pixie Dust Linens in Texas 3. The colour of winter berries, thick and glowing in trees that line an entire avenue on my walk home through the Parklands (and from which nesting birds dive-bomb my head) 4. The colour of my 1970s Speedwell ladyframe bicycle, parked among the sweet lavender as I took a break on today's afternoon ride 5. The colour of my toes, all dressed up and ready for spring. Spring, which starts in two days. TWO DAYS, people 6. The colour of the book I am reading right now, The Magnificent Meaulnes by Alain Fournier. Isn't this a glorious yellow cover? 7. The colour of the picket fence and sun-warmed sandstone at the front of my house, about 15 minutes before the rain came down 8. The colour of the little candy flowers I put on top of the three-dozen cupcakes I made for Mr B to take in to his workmates as a treat 9. The colour of the very first, early-season mango

Yellow, the colour of sunshine. The colour of happy.

What colour are you loving today?