We swam through a patch of moonlight

"We swam through a patch of moonlight - it was fun making silver ripples just in front of my eyes - and then to the steps of the corner tower... "After we turned the corner to the front of the castle there was no more golden light from the windows or the lantern, nothing but moonlight. We swam on our backs, looking up at the sheer, unbroken walls - never had they seemed to me so high. The water made slapping, chuckling noises against them and they gave out a mysterious smell - as when thunder-rain starts on a hot day, but dank and weedy and very much of a night-time smell too.

"I floated and Neil did too; it was lovely just drifting along, staring up at the stars. That was when we first heard the Vicar at the piano, playing Air from Handel's 'Water Music', one of the nicest pieces - I guessed he had chosen it to suit our swim, which I took very kindly. It came to us softly but clearly; I wished I could have floated on for hours listening to it, but I soon felt cold and had to swim fast again...

"He helped me out and we climbed over the ruins and sat down with our backs against the kitchen wall; the sun had been shining on it all day and the bricks were still warm. We were in full moonlight. Neil had patches of brilliant green duckweed on his head and one shoulder; he looked wonderful."

Excerpt from I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith Photography from Indian Summer by Jessica Olm. Her blog is truly gorgeous.

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