Favourite things: food glorious food

Have a wonderful weekend! Eat, drink and be merry, my friends. 1. Edible spray paint After discovering this, I wish I was hosting a dinner party for Christmas. Because I would simultaneously impress and FREAK EVERYBODY OUT by painting all the food with this edible spray paint. Oh yes, I would.

2. Food of the rainbow Can you imagine how berserk little kids would go for these rainbow coloured meals? Take a look at the rest of the Food of the Rainbow series by Henry Hargreaves. Personally, I'm all for the looking but don't know if I could stomach the eating. Well, maybe the spaghetti...

3. Sophie Koh's supermarket boogie [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjHgQKycu0g] You know when you're half way through the grocery shopping, and a really good song comes on, and you have to fight the desire to bust a move? Me too. I love this quirky music video, as more and more shoppers cave to the temptation.

4. Paddle pop (culture) There are all kinds of jokes I could make about this Marilyn Monroe paddle pop, but this is a PG blog so I'll simply say: how incredible is this ice-cream design? Take a look at some other creepy but cool pop culture paddle pops here. Or pop (sic) on over to Moscow for a taste test. So clever!

5. Cherry season starts now Cherry picking season officially starts in the Adelaide Hills tomorrow. I'm thinking picnic. I'm thinking home-made lemonade. I'm thinking baskets overflowing with fresh, ripe cherries. I'm thinking I'll bake a cherry pie. Photo from here.