Favourite things - just lovely

Can you believe this is the last weekend before Christmas? I don't know where the year went, I really don't. Remember when time used to stretch out forever? When the summer holidays were so long you could barely remember the beginning when you got to the end? Today, I sneeze and I miss a month. I'm looking forward to this weekend, my parents are coming to visit. But before I dash off, I want to leave you with five favourite things to take you into the Christmas weekend-eve. No theme today, just five lovely finds. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too. See you on Monday!

1. Cowboy rollerskates How badly do I want a pair of these? Let me count the ways. Found here via Honestly WTF. (Also loving the piggy-back ride in the background)

2. Surprise gifts in the mail If I was rich, I would TOTALLY be signing myself and my friends up to receive amazing little surprise gifts in the mail, from Not Another Bill. Found via Rosalilium

3. The iRetrophone... ...which cleverly combines my love of all things old-fashioned and cunningly made, with my bona fide iPhone addiction. Found here

4. Summer light photography I adore the gorgeous, hazy summer light captured in this beautiful fashion shoot by Spell and the Gypsy. Found via The Flowerchild Dwelling

5. Handmade garlands I had planned to make Christmas versions of some of these, but I ran out of time (and energy). Still, I've bookmarked this page so that I can come back to it. Perhaps Em's next birthday party will be swathed in colour.