Summer holidays

I am off to immerse myself in summer holidays. Another road trip. Christmas spent with friends and family. A home filled with children and laughter and most probably too much junk food than is strictly good for any of us. We will walk with our feet in the Southern Ocean at sunset. We will joust one another on inflatable logs in the swimming pool. We will get sunscreen in our eyes, and salt water in our hair. We will play many rounds of Pictionary, all of which Mr B will lose. We will have picnics and play petanque in the park. We will take trips to strange country towns. We will bake and cook and eat, and eat more. We will spend whole days immersed in books. And we will make plans and promises and dreams for the coming year.

Wishing you a glorious holiday season, whatever and however you celebrate; and a refreshing, hope-filled, love-filled 2012. See you next year!