Favourite things - toothache sweeties

Presenting: five things so sweet they'll give you toothache. 1. The pillbox love-advent Once I lived in a very old lady's house. She had to go into care, but wasn't sure if it would be permanent. So I lived there rent-free, among all her things (overstuffed couches, plastic pillboxes, Charles & Di commemorative plates, unused jaffle-makers) to make sure they were safe. I remember bringing home a new boyfriend for the first time. He picked up one of the pillboxes (marked for each day of the week and each meal of the day) and said "Woah!" Now, at last, I have found something cool about pillboxes. I first saw this on Happiness Is as a Valentine's Day idea. I think I'm going to steal it for the lead-up to Mr B's and my first anniversary.

2. The cat cocoon You have got to be kidding me. A soft, wool, hand-felted little bed for the cat. Could pet supplies get any cuter?

3. The book invitations I adore this idea. Specially selected old books. A custom-made stamp and hand-printed wrap on the front. The full invitation details on a bookplate inside. I can't wait to throw a party so I can make this happen.

4. The confetti wrapping paper This looks so easy, so festive, so special. Beware, friends with birthdays coming up. You are likely to receive confetti paper-wrapped presents!

5. The do-gooder Pip Lincoln makes things, sews things, writes books, writes for Frankie magazine, maintains a blog, and until recently ran a shop. She's also a mum and a wife and a person with a life. Phew! Recently Pip launched the Year of Good Things campaign. The premise is simple: "Do a Good Thing. Every day. For someone you know. Or someone you don't know at all! Document one Good Thing a day, if you can! If you can't document daily that's okay too. Just do your best." It's kind of like those "I'm grateful" posts that so many people are blogging these days. Except, "This is not a gratitude project," Pip says, "it's about making MORE good things happen."