Easy mod fashion: Emerson Fry + my mum

This weekend, my dad sent me these photos of my mum and me when I was a baby. Isn't my mother absolutely stunning? I just love her easy 70s style.All those mustard tones aside, my mum's mod look is still gorgeous today. Take for example the new spring line from Emerson Fry New York. Have you seen it? There's so much in this that I love. I hope my post-baby body can carry some outfits like these off in time for the next Australian spring. 1. Braid Trim Mod Dress 2. Emerson Navy Dots Blouse 3. Tie Waist Dress 4. Blazer Trench Little Navy Pinstripe 5. Yes Dress Long 6. Tuxedo Shirt 7. U Dress 8. 4 Button Jacket 9. Paper Bag Skirt