Favourite things - words & letters

Happy Friday, dear friend (brought to you by Thursday night since I will be up at the crack of dawn to attend DPCON12 tomorrow). Have a lovely one! 1. Words for strangers I am such a big, big fan of Hermine Van Dijck of journal de jours, I don't know how I missed this wonderful project of hers, Words for Strangers. Hermine says, "Sometimes people need a secret message. A word from a stranger." And she is so right! She hangs little messages for strangers wherever she goes. And now, through the magic of the world wide web, her words are being left all over the world. I think Melbourne could do with some words for strangers. It may be time for me to join in.

2. Hand-drawn letters These letters just pop with personality, don't you think? I want to drink tea and toast crumpets with them. By Mary Kate McDevitt via Parcel Post.

3. Masterful understatements from literature "I realize now that there's a lot to be said for travelling if you want to see something new." Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days

4. The Note Swap I was alerted to this adorable Note Swap project by Brandi of Not Your Average Ordinary but the time differences between us meant that by the time I woke up and clicked through, the project was full. If like me you missed out, you can always join up with Katie of Letters from Strangers.

5. Sent well And finally, if all these posts on words and letters inspire you to get back to hand-writing letters to friends (or strangers for that matter) but you simply lack the time, Sent-Well is your answer. It's pretty simple: choose a card from the website, give them your message, and they will hand-write the message and post it to your friend for you. It's the personal touch, without the hand-cramps! Nifty, huh?

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