I don't know

This is the top comment on the YouTube video of Irish singer-songwriter Lisa Hannigan's sweet track I Don't Know. Scrolling down, others say things like "LOL that's how I got here too" and "omg!!! the same thing happened." I guess there's a lesson in here on picking song titles that are also good search terms (and possibly on concentrating more on grammar and spelling in school. ARGH, Naomi, you did NOT just type that! Chill, word Nazi, chill.)

Continuing on...

Me? I'm simply in love with Hannigan's uncomplicated yet heartfelt love song, and the blue-and-white paper cutout garden she creates as she sings. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSaPbVjcrp4] Elsewhere: I'm also blogging on English Muse today, sending out the first of a weekly series of 'antipodean dispatches' on travel, books and whimsy. Do drop by and tell me what you think... here.