The case of the nesting bonanza

I don't have a regular 'favourite things Friday' post for you today. Nor did I come even close to getting through the mountain of work on my desk. Something happened this morning, and I don't know how to explain it except to say that I guess my body released a massive hit of hormones around about breakfast time, because all of a sudden I started nesting in the biggest possible way.

I mean, I made to-do lists of things I needed to finish before baby arrived (everything from finishing off commissioned work to cooking and freezing meals). I emailed my friends in Sydney to tell them I'd be up for one last pre-baby visit, next weekend.

I made shopping lists of everything I needed to buy before baby arrived, from car-carriers and bassinettes to socks and onesies.

I called my mum: "Will I need this one or that one? How long before baby gets too big for that?"

Then I hit the Internet. First Mothercare, then Babies R Us, and finally Etsy where I made the sweet little vintage and handmade 'wish list' collection below. It was a veritable nesting bonanza.

I promise to do my best to return this blog to normal next week. And in the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!

Etsy baby