Chain reactions

What's even better than that Mouse Trap board game everyone played as kids (I didn't have one but I badly wanted one) in which a mouse tries to navigate an obstacle course? A Mouse Trap-esque automated postcard writer called Melvin, travelling the world in two suitcases, that's what. [vimeo w=525&h=295]

Melvin the Mini Machine from HEYHEYHEY on Vimeo.

Melvin the Machine is designed to travel the world. Each time his little mousetrap workings complete a run, he writes (ink-stamps) a postcard, and sticks a postage stamp to it. Melvin if you are reading this, I'd like really a postcard, pretty please.

Melvin is equipped with a smartphone so he can record not only where he goes on his travels, but also the people he meets as he is busy writing postcards. This is all connected to a website, which you'll find here.

What else is awesome about Melvin? That when Brandi from Brandi from Not Your Average Ordinary first heard about him, she thought of me! Another chain reaction: writing a book + people reading the book + writing letters of thanks + blogging about it + discovering lovely bloggers like Brandi = MELVIN & ME.

* One more thing. I am blogging on English Muse today, about time travel and a sense of history and the modern children's classic Playing Beatie Bow. Come visit me and tell me what you think!