Lately, winter days

Last week Madeleine and I took a walk with friends to visit the Taco Truck, since it was parked nearby. I confess I fell rather heavily for the fish tacos. Omigod I could have eaten five of those babies. Then on the weekend we embarked on a little family road trip - Madeleine's first proper outing - so that she could spend time with her Nanna, aunts and cousins. They all predictably adored one another, and Madeleine turned on her not-inconsiderable charm for the cousins, smiling and laughing and snuggling like a pro. Livvy, who is five, started crying. "I love Madeleine the most of all my cousins," she wailed. "I want her to be my sister!"

Meanwhile, did anyone visit the Melbourne Art Fair last week? We made plans to go on Sunday, but they didn't quite pan out.

First, the walk there was glorious and sun-shiney. Madeline was all rugged up against the winter wind in the most adorable knitted Red Riding Hood cape  (does dressing your baby in cute outfits ever get old?). We wandered along streets and laneways that had barely changed in more than a hundred years, through a park with trees so wide four people would have to hold hands to hug them, and over to the Exhibition Buildings in Carlton.

But when we got there we discovered the tickets were $30 each. Don't you think that's a bit steep, for an exhibition that's also a sale? Anyway, we were cheapskates and blanched at the idea of spending $60 just to look around for such a short time (given Madeleine's tolerance levels), so we strolled across to the museum instead.

I'd been to this museum a few times but only for special shows, this was my first time visiting the general galleries. They are wonderful! There's something to be said for purpose-built space, it's all so interactive and engaging. Plus, Mr B revealed a talent for identifying many strange animals in a weird, tiered taxidermy room that was at once creepy and educational. Madeleine looked super cute in her red knitted poncho. On the other hand, as you can probably tell she most definitely did NOT like being photographed with the hood on.