Little artists and weekend links

This weekend is brought to you by the decidedly unspooky but utterly adorable homemade Halloween costume series from Jordan on Oh Happy Day. It was so hard to decide which costume to show you on here. There are clouds and little French girls and robots and vintage pilots and so many others, but in the end I settled on these wonderful artists. Aren't they just the cutest little troubled geniuses you ever did see? Right down to Frida's monobrow. I die! Costumes like these make me want Madeleine to grow up quickly, so I can dress her in all of them. And then she smiles a toothless smile at me out of her sweet, dribble-covered face and I think DON'T CHANGE in a sudden panic.

Meanwhile, here are some lovely links to take you into the weekend.

* While we're on the subject of Halloween costumes, this dog is too cute for words * A touching story about blogging and connections * What would you say to the you of seven years ago? * This music paints a beautiful picture * Where can I find alpine strawberries in Australia? * A poignant response to the senseless murder of Jill Meagher * Swan wig! Oh yes please * Pip's free printable work-planner * The tastiest optimists v pessimists decider

Happy weekend, and may you have grand adventures and good times!