Thinking of you

I sent two little "thinking of you" boxes to friends last week, inspired by this post on B for Bel. I do enjoy sending letters and packages to friends in the mail. We talk a lot about how email killed post, and say we long for the days of old-fashioned mail. But I'm starting to think that email may have actually saved post.

Once upon a time, letters were something almost depressing, consisting mostly of towering piles of paper bills. Now, most of those bills arrive via email. And in the mail, instead, we send and receive little surprises to and from friends! For me, it's like the removal of those bills from my letterbox created the emotional space to rediscover and really enjoy the mail process.

Here is another adorable mail project. Two friends post one wooden box back and forth to each other, each time filling it with little gifts and notes and ephemera. Isn't that a lovely idea?

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