Meals on wheels - Mr Burger

I need to preface this by admitting that I'm no burger aficionado. But I think I may actually have discovered burger nirvana. That, or I've seriously been underestimating this meal-choice over the years. Recently I decided to eat my way through the menus of all the food trucks in Melbourne. It's a tough job, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice for you guys. You're welcome.

So today when I found out that the Mr Burger truck was only a couple of kilometres away, at the Barkly Square shopping centre in Brunswick, I strapped Madeleine into the pram and we hit the pavement together (not literally, you understand).

The car park of a shopping centre under heavy construction wasn't exactly the most picturesque or comfortable place for lunch, but oh my goodness that was one good burger. The unpleasant memories of all my previous burger experiences just seemed to melt away.

This patty wasn't sloppy, it wasn't fatty, it wasn't dry: it was just super tasty. This bun wasn't too sweet, it wasn't stale, it wasn't soggy: it was just the perfect book-end to all the fresh fillings. Next, add pickles, and mustard, and tomatoes, and lettuce, and and and...

Five minutes later:

Madeleine slept through the entire experience, blissfully unaware that her mother was undergoing a culinary conversion moment. As I walked away licking my fingers, she woke up singing to herself, which is her new thing. It was super cute.