Short people

Short people: I am one of them. All my pants are too long. Emily Rose was taller than me by the time she was 11. I keep a step ladder in the kitchen to reach the items on the top shelves. On the rare occasion that I meet someone shorter than me, the whole world seems out of proportion and I feel like a giant. Still, that's no reason to sing a mean song about my people (I'm lookin' at you, Mr Randy Newman).

Street artist Slinkachu both loves and abandons short people. He remodels and paints little model train-set characters, then leaves them on the street all over the world (photographing them before he leaves). He uses the existing environment, and the rubbish and detritus found on the street, to create their tiny worlds. I think they are simply magical.

All images from Slinkachu's blog, used with his kind permission.