Christmas yarn bombs - the sequel

The Christmas elves have been at it again. Hidden away deep within Santa's workshop (otherwise known as Yarn Corner), they have been knitting and crocheting up a yuletide extravaganza for you, me and the bicycles of Fitzroy to enjoy. Over the weekend, the bicycle racks outside the swimming pool at Fitzroy underwent a rather stunning transformation, each of them becoming encased in its own unique pattern of Christmassy yarn. At least one even sported Santa, a snowman, a little Christmas tree and some rhinestone-esque snowflakes.

Madeleine and I walked past the swimming pool this morning and took some photographs of this latest, oh-so-lovely installation, part of a commission from Yarra Council to yarn bomb parts of the city for Christmas. More than 30 people worked for three months so that we could enjoy it today.

While we were there people kept pulling up to park their bikes, and it was so cute to watch their reactions. Two girls rode up and said "Oh my GOD!" One of them breathed softly, "I love this." An old man walked by and stopped to say hello to Madeleine, saying "Look! Look!" and asking her "What is it?" as he pointed out the woolly bike racks. (Madeleine replied "Ooh" and kicked her bare feet.)

ps. Look what happened to the trees on Rathdowne Street!

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