Six months

Madeleine-1Madeleine-2Sunday, 16 December 2012 You and me, Madeleine. We are a silly, crazy team, are we not? We can have the BEST of times with your Dad (even when eating at crazy Vegas-esque food-court-y pub bistros made to look like Greek marketplaces, complete with Doric columns, statues of David, mini temples and painted blue-sky ceilings).

When I pull a funny face, oh how you laugh! When you do a pop-off I say, "What was THAT?" and you burrow your face into my neck with the cheekiest grin.

I say, "Camera's rolling... and... ACTION," and you shake your head back and forth in your favourite dance move, which we call 'The Stevie Wonder'.

Sometimes I lie on the play-mat beside you, on my back, and no matter where you are on the mat and even though you can't yet crawl, you manage to roll and wiggle your way over to me. If I'm not watching out for it, the first sign of your presence is the sloppy embrace of your open-mouthed kiss on my nose.

You like it when I read to you, and you don't much mind which book I choose. Sometimes, you say "Oooh, ooh, ahh ahh" to pretend you are reading, too.

Before you drop off to sleep, you lie in your cot and have little conversations with yourself. Often, you make yourself laugh.

When you are tired, you put one hand in your mouth and then the other on top of it to stop the first one escaping.

You like watching Sesame Street and Mike the Knight but not Playschool or Mouk.

You have discovered how to fake-cough and, when I copy you, you think it is HILARIOUS.

After I feed you, you like to sit up on my knees. Softly, you reach out and explore my mouth and nose, eyes and chin. You love to put my face in your hands.

My heart is already completely in your hands.

Happy six month birthday, my dearest love.