The postcard project

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week my dear friend Deb dropped in for a visit and she brought a little gift, this pack of 52 assorted miniature postcards. I love them! Now I am spoiled for choice as to what to do with them. What do you think?

I thought perhaps I could wrap them up in tiny envelopes and send them out as surprise mail to friends and bloggers I admire.

Or write little snippets of poetry on them and leave them behind in public places, like park benches, cafe tables and shop windows, for strangers to find.

Maybe I could send them out to you guys, in batches of five or six, with stamps and envelopes. And I'll ask you to leave them behind at different cafes or at the airport or anywhere else you go, with a note on each asking people to write something and post it back to me. That could be interesting, right?

I don't know, I'm sure you guys will have some creative ideas. Any suggestions as to how I can best use these beautiful, tiny postcards?