Favourite things - something to share

It's Friday, at last! Do you have any special plans? We're heading into a long weekend here in Australia. Mr B and I are not doing anything in particular, but it will be lovely to have that extra time to spend together as a family. I thought it would be fun today to get a little bit intimate, and explore some little things you can share with someone special. Like these.

1. The two-cookie recipe

Biscuits-twoThis recipe from no.2 pencil makes just two cookies. I have bookmarked it for those nights when Mr B and I crave something sweet, but don't want a whole batch of biscuits or cupcakes around the house to tempt us in days to come.

2. Romantic tattoos

Love-tattoosDon't worry, they're not permanent. But these tattoos from SusyJack are a rather unique and lovely way to decorate yourself for your lover on a special occasion, don't you think? Via Poppytalk

3. Mother and child reunion

Baby-MovieI would just love for someone to capture my days with Madeleine like this video of Joy (from Oh Joy!) and her daughter Ruby. What a beautiful memento of their time together.

4. Guess who?

Guess-WhoDo you remember the detective board-game Guess Who? It was one of my favourites as a kid. How awesome is this customised version of Guess Who featuring family members, made by Simple Jill? I am so doing this! Via B for Bel

5. Cheesy love

Heart-cheeseWant the recipe for the most romantic picnic ever? Pack the following: 1. the apple of your eye, 2. a bottle of red, 3. some fantastic water-crackers, and... 4. a heart-shaped cheese. True love is sure to follow. Seen on Frolic, here and here.