Favourite things - get in my house!

Are you a renter? Do you dream of the day on which you will own your own home? Of painting the walls any colour you like; and hanging as many paintings you like anywhere you like; and planting a garden and ripping up old carpets and saving up to renovate the bathroom? Me too. What a coincidence! In the absence of a place to call my own, I am turning to my trusty friend Imagination to fulfill my nesting needs. In fact, I am constructing a major redecoration in my head right now. Here are some of my favourite plans.

1. The chalkboard window

ChalkJust imagine: the view could change every week! And how lovely does that hanging light look, casting an orange glow? (Via Poppytalk)

2. The ticket-stub cushions

CushionI love this idea for a modern splash of colour on the couch, made from ephemera that has special meaning for you. Like that Eurail ticket, your stub from the Mumford & Sons concert, a business card from your favourite New York speakeasy... (From Ashley Allen via B for Bel)

3. The rustic potholder

PotholderThis looks fantastic, don't you think? Just so long as the hooks were low enough that I could reach them. (I have to use a stepladder to reach the cupboards in our kitchen. No kidding. It was both humiliating and dangerous while I was pregnant.) (Also via Poppytalk. Double-whammy of favourites this week)

4. Marquee lights

LightsThese are home-made, out of those heavy cardboard letters you can buy on the cheap in craft stores. I love the lights though I'm not sure Mr B and are handy enough to make them. But I still think some brightly painted, spotted and striped letters would look wonderful in Madeleine's room, spelling out her name. (Via Oh Hello Friend)

5. Entry-hall hooks

HooksA whole lot of pretty colour to stop Mr B ONCE AND FOR ALL from using the kitchen table, kitchen chairs and lounge chairs as places to toss his suit jackets, ties, towels and pants(!) as he comes in each day. (Via The Daily Muse)

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