Fun run?

IMG_5715This is a photo of us coming dead last on a fun run last weekend. Look carefully. There is not one. single. person. behind us. There are just so many elements in this photograph that explain why we are coming dead last - from the camera to the clothing to the carrying of the baby to the existence of the handbag, to the lack of actual running or even walking for a start - that it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

My family is the most un-sporty family in Melbourne. We were so slow that the run leaders lapped us three times, and we had to take a sneaky short-cut to get to the finish in time for me to take photos for Mr B's work before everyone packed up and went home!

But we sure made the most of the fresh morning air before the heat settled into the day, the beautiful parklands, the laughing baby, and the free coffee and muffins at the finish. And you'd better believe we wore our 'completion medals' with pride, sneaky shortcut or not.