Favourite things - five rooms

Yes, it's this theme again. I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF. The other day I walked past the house we own but don't live in FIVE TIMES while walking Madeleine, just dreaming about what I'd do if I lived in there. If the tenant was home, she was probably on the verge of calling the police. This living-in-limbo thing is driving me c r a z y. I am still dreaming about moving into my own home. About a place where I can Madeleine-proof the shelves and stairs and television without the use of gaffa tape (yes, gaffa tape! I'm desperate in this here rental!). A place where I can hang paintings on the wall, create as much storage as we need, and make it beautiful.

These are five lovely rooms I'd like in my house.

1. The bookish bedroom

Bedroom1 Bedroom2If I slept in this room, I would have the most amazing adventures in my dreams! (Via English Muse)

2. The leafy living-room

Living1 Living2What an oasis of calm! Just add hot chocolate and a rug made of granny-squares, and I'd never leave. (Via Old Brand New)

3. The white, bright kitchen

KitchenThis makes me think of freshly-squeezed orange juice, warm croissants and a big bowl of strawberries. (Via I like that blog)

4. The playroom nursery

KidsroomI love how these parents gave up their master bedroom to the kids, so that they could use it to play as well as sleep. Also, where can I get a low little set of bookshelves like these for Madeleine? (Via Oh Happy Day)

5. The cat's room

TipiThis cat tipi? I can't even. (Via Eat Drink Chic)