Favourite things - ephemera

Just five things from around the Internet that have been making me think covetous thoughts this week. Have a fantastic weekend! 1. The beautiful bowls

BowlsPainted wooden bowls, plates and other homewares from Nicole Porter Design

2. The chrysanthemum clutch

ClutchThis handmade chrysanthemum silk lined aqua floral clutch from BagNoir in Ireland

3. The gorgeous girls' clothes

ClothingWhen Madeleine is big enough I can't wait to dress her in outfits from Latvian clothing line Aristocrat Kids

4. The 'dorable doormat

DoormatSee what I did there, with the alliteration? Also, why has nobody invented a 3D doormat before now?

5. The nifty notebook

NotebookAre you a person who carries a notebook everywhere for those times when inspiration strikes? Me too. This Dodo iPhone case is also a notebook. 'Nough said!