Stunning drawings on antique envelopes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA little while back my dear friend, author Ruby Blessing, alerted me to Mark Powell's stunning drawings on antique envelopes, maps and newspapers. Talk about putting my picture post attempts to shame! I wrote to Mark and he gave me permission to upload some of his pictures for you here. Which is your favourite? 8784095298_d65b21d206_o 5058346159_8f56cc30db_o 6058346159_8f56cc30db_o 6305351373_d2e6f7d0e9_o 6355061093_af090d2b5c_o 6762685707_d454f93a55_o 6797148759_806df47b96_o 8191411966_2113059040_o 8492756515_b208d3803e_o 8541362580_b03f2738d2_o 8577957917_0185fbd6df_o 8804375311_ed49b9805e_oThere's loads more on Mark's website, or you can like his Facebook page, if you want to see more.

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