Long distance love

Roshambo1 Roshambo2 Roshambo3 Roshambo4This little "Roshambo" mini-series from Free People reminds me of Mr B and me when we first met, and it has me feeling all nostalgic. Of course we were neither so good-looking nor glamorous nor well dressed as these two, but I know what it feels like to be living a Grand Adventure while your heart is elsewhere. Mr B and I met in New York. I had just moved there, he was visiting on a conference. It was a beautiful, brief romance, and that scene at the end of the first Roshambo video where the guy hops into a taxi... oh so heartbreaking and familiar!

Two days after our own 'taxi scene', I had an email from Mr B saying he wasn't going to let a little thing like thousands of kilometres get in the way of what could be something good. And so started a year-and-a-half of long-distance love.

I went to Peru, but I thought about him. He went to Dubai, but he thought about me. We met up for holidays together in Fiji, in London, in Australia, in New York.

And in between the travel and the longing we just had to get on with our own lives, his in Queensland and mine in New York. There comes a point, when you're in a long distance relationship, when you just have to let go and let yourself be in the moment wherever you are. If you constantly pine for the other person, you never open your eyes to the world in front of you. That's something in the second video that I really related to.

Anyway, this is a fun, romantic little mini-series if you're in the mood for some light entertainment. Plus, I have to give props to Free People for such a creative way to showcase their latest collection. And it's working, too. I want to wear ALL THE CLOTHES.